4K AirTV Player
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Access a world of entertainment

Stream movies, TV, music and other content using a wide range of apps, including Netflix, SlingTV, Google Play and many more from the Google Play Store.

High-speed wireless connectivity

Built-in 802 11ac Wifi connects to the internet through your wireless home network or wired network via ethernet cable (wireless router required and sold separately).

Bluetooth interface syncs with compatible devices

Wirelessly connect a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices including headphones and game controllers.

Compatible with most TV's

Easily connects to HDTVs.

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This product is great for cable TV cutters. With just a decent internet connection you can stream Sling TV (cable channels) Netflix, and Google products in one device. The package comes with an HDMI cable, but if hard wiring to the internet, you'll have to provide your own ethernet cable. Setup is pretty simple, you don t have to connect with your google account if you don t want too. The walk through is good and gets you going quickly. The remote has a nice feature, if you lose/misplace it, a button on the main device will cause it to beep so you can find it. One nice option is the device can find channels by OTA or through the cable line if your cable provider pumps unencrypted local channels through. My OTA antenna is a medium sized outdoor model. The device found all the local channels without a problem, I did two scans to make sure. When finding channels though the cable line, it automaticity ignored the weak channels unlike my built in TV tuners, so I didn t have to remove 50 channels to only see the ones I want. Once found, you can continue to Sling TV, or scan again if needed. Whether OTA or through the cable line, the picture was nice and clear. The integration with Sling TV is seamless. The local channels are just added to the TV grid as all the other channels. You can just scroll through and they show up. By providing your zip code during setup, you can also get some more information added to the grid. Through Sling TV, you can select all channels or just local ones. The remote has buttons specifically for Sling TV, Netflix, and Google. All the other buttons are normal control buttons. It feels good in the hand. This device is for one TV and operates as a stand alone all in one OTA/streaming box. You get Sling TV, Netflix, and Google store apps. I had no problems streaming by ethernet, picture was always good, no delays or stuttering. If you want to stream to multiple devices see the other AirTV product. If you don t already have a Chromestick, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, this device should be great for you. The one interface makes it easier to navigate. Or, with one TV and you don t want to switch sources to watch local vs streamed content. If you don t have a streaming device already this device combines popular streaming services and OTA for a seamless experience. Just make sure it fits your needs.
The Sling AirTV is an outstanding product and I have thoroughly enjoyed just getting used to how well it is designed and the quality of the product. The system I got included the control box, an AirTV USB thumb drive and the remote. Each item is very solid. In fact they include an extra USB extension cable as this cable may be useful for your setup to facilitate adding a USB thumb drive to the control box to enable the future recording of local channels feature. I tested the thumb drive and it is recognized and you can configure it easily for internal storage. You are best advised to create a SlingTV account and my package included a 50 certificate toward the cost. The system works best of course if you have an active account. There are various levels of membership but the simplest is Orange at 19.99 per month. You would have to pay just 5 more per month for DVR capability. I found the installation of the product simple; I tested it on an HDTV, a computer monitor and also on an old analog TV (it did not work on the old TV as I expected even though I tried with an HDMI to RCA jack converter cable). Once you are enrolled, you can connect SlingTV to any PC Laptop, Desktop, or use the cell phone app. I have to tip my cap to SlingTV: you have a package that integrates use on all these platforms with the ability to include local free-over-the-air channels. If you did not want to pay for a SlingTV account, you could simply use this product as an over-air converter box and you have a great channel guide feature which is not on the old-style converter boxes (which I also tried for comparison). The over the air channels were crystal clear video and audio, you do need a good over-the-air TV antenna of course. One feature that was annoying was an audible announcement of every button you pressed, good thing you can just configure this voice off. Another feature I liked is that you can pair the device with any Bluetooth speaker which in my case was necessary as I had a 32 inch monitor which had no speakers but did have an HDMI input. Initially the audio was a little off, but then everything worked fine once I turned the SlingTV box off then on that may have just been me. You will love the ability to create you own custom list of MyTV channels which gives you easy access to your favorite channels no matter where they are sourced from. The provided install and use guide is very brief but you can easily discover how to do things because the device is intuitive and well thought out. I did have to call support because my promotional key (for the 50 did not work. Support was excellent and even after fixing the problem they made sure I could go back and log into my account and view channels on the monitor (by the way the problem was a temporary glitch where Chrome would not work right with SlingTV but IE did; later all browsers worked but the support person fixed me up fine. Finally, someone is putting out a product that pulls all the sources together without having to switch your source connection. I would highly recommend this product for it s design and quality and also because it is a factor of 10 times less that a cable contract but with more capability. Wonderful. I love it.
Saving 75-100 a month off cable? Yes please! Took about 20-30 mins to unhook my cable box and hook this up in it's place. Very easy to install - plug it in, connect HDMI to TV, connect an OTA antenna (sold separately) for local channels. Probably spent another 15-20 minutes playing with the OTA antenna that I was also hooking up at the same time, but that was just trying it out in multiple locations to get the most stations (we can pick up 26 locals!) The OTA antenna integration is great as it makes viewing both local HD local stations (FOR FREE!) right in the same interface as Sling TV. Saving a ton over cable with this and Sling TV (got the Blue package for 25 and added the Cloud DVR for 5 - so 30 a month). Couple that with local HD free channels and will save hundreds a year. They also include a 50 off code for Sling TV so you can try it for basically 2 months for free. Picture quality and sound is great over our WiFi (we average about 40-50 mpbs internet speeds.) Only 2 minor improvements I'd like to see: 1) It doesn't currently have the capability to pause live TV (local or internet Sling TV). They claim that USB hard drive add on for local DVR functionality is coming soon, but not yet released as of now (Feb 2018.) 2) Even with the optional cloud DVR 5 feature with Sling TV you can't pause "live" Sling TV which is a bummer, but you can work around this by just recording what you are watching and then you can pause it, rewind, fast forward etc. Hopefully they update this as well, but ok work around for now. Overall very please and this is a solid option if you are looking to cut the cord and save a ton!
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